Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Camera Bazooka by 1 (Created with @Magisto

Professional  Camera Bazooka
(with 100mm / 75mm Hi Hat Riser included) for ALL industry standard Doorway Dollies 
(Doorway Dolly NOT included)

Our NEW product allows for a wide variety of creative camera options. The PRIMA BAZOOKA mounts on a camera dolly and adjusts up and down. The custom mount cap allows for camera to rotate in a continuous 360 degree turn. The PRIMA BAZOOKA offers a wide range of camera configuration options at a reasonable price.

100mm / 75mm bowl  6" Riser attachment 

Half sphere Camera setup 

Adjustable height ~ 25 to 37"

Aluminum and steel construction

5 piece assembly:
Aluminum -  Mount adapter, Adjustable height pedestal,  100mm / 75mm 6" Riser
Steel Material - Mount cap, Flange platform spacer

Mounts directly to Dolly platform
(Doorway Dolly NOT included)


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