Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Steering Spindles by (Created with @Magist

The Low Profile Camera Kit allows any industry standard Doorway Dolly to achieve a low angle camera shot close to ground level. The 6" Riser is compatible to cameras with a 75mm or 100mm bowl setup. With the module attachment, the 6" Riser and Camera can be placed in the rotating elbow arm. The elbow arm can adjust to various positions for the Camera as it can swing back and forth. The Robin Adapter gives even more flexibility to mount the camera in 4 additional positions on the sides of the dolly. An additional 2 more camera positions directly on the dolly platform giving 6 different positions in total to place the camera with or without the elbow arm.

Robin Adapter, Low Profile Arm, Riser Module and 6" Riser (black & red)
(Doorway Dolly NOT included)


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